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New Hope Rehab & Caring Center in Islamabad, Pakistan

New Hope Rehab & Caring Center Islamabad, Pakistan claims No.1 and is being considered as the Best Addiction Treatment Centre in Islamabad. Why it is claimed so? The answer is very simple & straight in Yes. Without any exaggeration it’s a proven fact that NHRC has made the ailing humanity on toes thru her Professional Approaches in general & the affected individuals (Addicts) are leading healthy and happier lives after getting our wonderful treatment services in particular.

Moreover, apart from this, in the area of Alcohol & Drug Abuse Treatment, Best Rehabilitation Center in Islamabad is on top of the frontrunners too and Second to None. Unlike other ordinary drug rehab centers New Hope Rehab Caring Center does not try to exploit you on a ‘high fee’ formula and attempt to fit you in ‘one-length-suit-all’ restoration program. Instead, our achievement comes thru personalizing drug treatment programs in a way we sense your privacy, scenario and wishes. That is our Secret and we are unmatched.

Applications are tailored on case to case basis with over One hundred (100) ancillary rehab software alternatives to pick One that ‘custom fit’ to you before taking the final decision.

That’s why we are proud that New Hope Caring Center is:

“The Best Addiction Treatment Rehab Centre in Islamabad, Pakistan”

It’s insightful for our viewers to know that, the therapy of illegal drug use isn’t as simple since it would appear that. Worthwhile to notice that, it doesn’t signify in order to protected down the client a site to abstain from prescription drugs, nonetheless the legitimate difficulty  is to take care of the actual addictive character of compulsion ailment They can be enduring, and in 90% of the medication Restoration focuses in this article within our nation don’t truly treat the patient, however They only Focus on detoxification of medication from your affected person’s body Which’s it, Additionally On this regard that, initial we must always know exactly what the genuine cure of Continual drug use comprises of, the illicit drug use therapy has a few phases, and every stage demands a expert level of Heart and consideration of your professionals, therapists and clinicians In order to obtain the affected individual out on the medicines confine thoroughly and until finally the top of time. Best Rehabilitation Center providers address expertly and that is the detail that makes it Best Addiction Treatment Center, in Islamabad in particular, As well as in Pakistan in general.


Dr Shams Haider

Dr Beenish Gul
Consultant Psychiatrist

Ms. Zobia Mian
Clinical Psychologist
(Gold Medalist)

Mehreen Hashmi
Clinical Psychologist
MSc and ADCP

Lt. Col.(R) Dr. Sajjad Naqvi
Consultant Psychiatrist

Habib Khan Niazi
General Manager
Spiritual therapist

Syed Kashif Sheerazi
Director Marketing
Outpatient services

Ansar Ali
Chief Accountant
Relationship manager


New Hope Rehab & Caring Center is the Best Rehab, Rehabilitation center in Islamabad Pakistan and we make persons happier and living a liable and satisfactory lives. We have been Leading class, Liquor and drug abuse Restoration clinic and Rehabilitation Center in Islamabad.

New Hope Rehab and Caring Center  generally known as the top rehab Centre in Islamabad is a frontrunner in the field of Addiction Cure, and Drug Addiction Treatment Clinic provide you with or your loved one particular some of the most very personalized Alcoholism Procedure, Drug Addiction Rehab Center in Islamabad, and Addiction Recovery expert services anywhere on earth.

Contrary to most drug rehab facilities New Hope Rehab and Caring Centre will not attempt to provide you with a ‘high achievement charge’ for drug rehabilitation, or try to in shape you into “a single-measurement-matches-all” alcohol recovery program, simply because our achievement comes through personalizing our drug treatment programs in just how we experience most closely fits your own circumstance and needs. For example, our programs are personalized for you, so we do not publish an on-line program at www.newhopedetox.com.pk for the reason that with about one hundred ancillary rehab program selections for you to select from we are able to do the job along with you Rehabilitation Center in Islamabad to assist ‘tailor made healthy’ our system to who you are, or who you choose to become.

The Treatment methodology must comprise of these stages

• Detoxification
• Restoration
• (Early Recovery)
• (Centre Recovery)
• (Afterwards Recovery)
• Reintegration

Noteworthy and critical reality will be the detoxification of medication usually takes all around 15 to 20 times at any charge, in this technique the affected person is specified fitting clinical guidance as per the manifestations of their withdrawals to adapt to them and Also IV’s sometimes of heroin, liquor withdrawals, in the event the affected person will get thoroughly out on the impact in the medication then the subsequent stage begins.

This is certainly noteworthy info that, the accompanying period of detoxification could be the recovery stage. Additionally it ought to be noted that, this stage can be a interval having process it will take as many as two to three months the very least and considerably far more on occasion of psychological ailment or character difficulty, given that this stage needs to do Together with the reframing the mental reasoning and criteria of perform with the affected individual and growing new propensities for instinct and settling clashes and adapting to legitimate instances. To appreciate problem recognition, Plainly it’s a period of time using method for the duration of Together with the individual is presented to normal speak treatments by the clinician and together with it can be persistently been provided mental meds to conquer their drawn out impacts of medication maltreatment just as dealing with their dreams and backslide models.
It truly is crucial to appreciate within our society, at that time after the affected individual proficiently passes the period of restoration from drug abuse and dependency conduct and that’s dictated by their apportioned clinicians along with the establishment the client enters the reintegration stage and This can be the final duration of the illicit drug use therapy which incorporates the becoming a member of of the scholarly techniques and psychological illustrations while in the genuine on the patient. To understand situation consciousness, During this the individual is necessary to complete the customary regimen is effective and In addition accomplish inventive assignments and to carry on in a very proactive way, all things deemed, instances, resolve the contentions if any occurs. Enhancement During this scenario could be realized from, the affected individual must keep up People new figured out propensities and thinking propensities and put them into function, really, and specifically this phase is tied in with keeping up Just about every a kind of new aptitudes and earning them into their natural.

Moreover On this regard, the complete treatment method can be a period of time getting treatment and may not be achieved In the meanwhile. In addition it should be noted that, during the restoration procedure, the patient requires an excessive amount of thing to consider and reliable mental speak treatments together with mental meds followed by everyday each day follow to revamp his/her conduct and wondering ability and style and Also additional critically provided info and mindfulness with regards to their possess illness of practice and how to struggle in opposition to it and keep by themselves from backsliding again inside their lifestyle. Ongoing betterment ought to be emphasised with, the process of fixation, the readiness with the affected person assumes A necessary occupation of their recuperation, which may speed up the procedure along with the recuperation seems to become twofold additional grounded A lot of enough time.

Exactly what is New Hope Rehabilitation providers the ideal Addiction Treatment Center in Islamabad, Pakistan. This is noteworthy details that, presently getting about the Very best New Hope Rehab Centre in Pakistan, in The sunshine of previously talked about realities, any recovery area which is de facto next these durations of treatment is viewed as a real community for therapy and to the level at which the establishment employees invests around the Vitality impacts the result as an example The recuperation on the sufferers it’s.

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